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Chapter 3 - The Progenitor by littlecrow

It's like staring in the face of true nature. The work captures duality at its finest. It is both scary and beautifully graceful. It feels at once human but obviously monstrous. Its drooling maw of needle sharp teeth are diametrically balanced by the softness draw of its soft, round, almost yearning eyes.

It is especially clever the way you've rendered the head in strong line work while keeping the body virtually free of lines. It produces a strong imagery of a deep sea fish where the ears are fins. The organic lines flowing upwards is also a nice touch reminiscent of seaweed stretching towards the water's surface.

The only aspect to snap the viewer out of the aquatic reference is the red hued liquid drooling out of the mouth unaffected by apparent fluid forces everywhere else.

Your use of color is dynamic, interesting, and appropriate for the imagery. I gave you 4 stars for vision and originality because it's an obvious fusion of things we know in the real world.

Overall the work is a top notch illustration!
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littlecrow Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012   General Artist
Thank you for your in-depth thoughts.

I'm especially pleased to hear you talk about the figure being both monstrous and graceful. My early sketches were pretty plainly monstrous, something out of a B-movie, and it felt like it was missing something. I did a lot of redraws to get something that I felt was more interesting than just a scary monster.

Yeah didn't think much about the drool, I'm not even sure I had 100% decided for sure that she is underwater in this picture or not.

So again, thanks for the critique, and giving me something to think about.
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